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* Il·lusió óptica
29 June 2017

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* Estrany
28 June 2017

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* Darrera l'aigua
27 June 2017

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* Finestres obertes
26 June 2017

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* Cabells vermells
23 June 2017

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Final de trajecte
22 June 2017

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* La noia japonesa
20 June 2017

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* Porta oberta
19 June 2017

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* L'he somniat
5 June 2017

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* Retrat en B/N
27 May 2017

Thumbnail image

* La mossegada
25 May 2017

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* Un cel complex
11 May 2017

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* Onades urbanes
15 April 2017

Thumbnail image

* A la vora del riu
4 April 2017

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* Shoping
2 April 2017

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* Darrera el vidre
29 March 2017

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* Comença a ploure
28 March 2017

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* Una bossa treballada
24 March 2017

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* Bicis i cotxe
23 March 2017

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* Arbre de pluja
22 March 2017

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* La flor Barcelona
14 March 2017

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* L'esclat blanc
10 March 2017

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* Un home cansat
26 February 2017

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* Perfumada de blau
25 February 2017

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* Realitat i ficció
23 February 2017

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* La llum del sol
21 February 2017

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* Ditades lluminoses
16 February 2017

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* Un dia més...
9 February 2017

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* A la ciutat, flors!
26 January 2017

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* Equilibrista de ciutat
18 January 2017

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* A la cuina 4
16 December 2013

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* A la cuina 2
14 December 2013

Recent Comments

Elaine Hancock on * Estrany
A spectacular abstract with gorgeous colors. It looks like sound waves moving through space.

Mireille T. on * Estrany
Magnifique abstraction!

Steven on * Estrany
Beautiful colors and layers in this abstract!!

Curly on * Estrany
Strange? Yes - its colours are suggesting mild steel to me.

k@ on * Darrera l'aigua
We are in water bubbles frozen by shutter speed you and I ;)) Greatly refreshing ! Besitos, amiga !

Le Krop on * Darrera l'aigua
J'aime !

Le Krop on * Finestres obertes
Superbe tableau !

Nicou on * Estrany
Quel rendu et ce contraste entre les plans quelle couleur rose super. amitié

Ruthiebear on * Estrany
Interesting and full of color. HUGS

Devi on * Estrany
weird and strange.......................

L'Angevine on * Darrera l'aigua

tataray on * Estrany
Encore un joli traitement fort en couleurs. Bravo.)

Shaun on * Estrany
Excellent color and interesting image.

Hiro on * Estrany

grouser on * Estrany
an electric other world

Chetan on * Estrany
Very neony abstract :)

Yves on * Estrany
Woo ! Une très belle création, bravo Adela !

omid on * Finestres obertes
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely reflections!

Martine Libouton on * Estrany
Une très belle prise! j'aime bisoussssssss

omid on * Darrera l'aigua
such beautiful composition, focus, DOF, tone & lights! Lovely!

omid on * Estrany
Amazing abstract!

Phil Morris on * Estrany
Superb use of colour !

jean pierre a on * Estrany
jolies couleurs pour cet abstrait!! amitiés

Sam on * Darrera l'aigua
Amazing. Wonderful capture of this water curtain. Excellent. :)

B. Thomas on * Darrera l'aigua
Creative shot.

Nicou on * Darrera l'aigua
Superbe jet d'eau pure et en fond cet édifice très recherché amitié

Elaine Hancock on * Darrera l'aigua
It is like a glistening curtain. A fabulous image!

Steven on * Darrera l'aigua
What an eye-catching composition!! It looks like a village under water!

tataray on * Darrera l'aigua
Magnifique... Bel effet. Amitiés.)

Mireille T. on * Darrera l'aigua
Une superbe image rafraîchissante! Bonne soirée!

Devi on * Darrera l'aigua
Beautiful water screen :))))

Ruthiebear on * Darrera l'aigua
Refreshing! HUGS

Lai Chan See on * Darrera l'aigua

L'Angevine on * Finestres obertes
belle lumière et reflet

Curly on * Darrera l'aigua
Oh yes, you used great focus technique to get this result.

Shaun on * Darrera l'aigua
A superb capture of the water.

jean pierre a on * Darrera l'aigua
jolie compo!! amitiés

Hiro on * Darrera l'aigua
very nice

grouser on * Darrera l'aigua
beautifully done fountain shot

Martine Libouton on * Darrera l'aigua
J'adore très beau contre jour !5* bisoussssss

Morris David Taub on * Darrera l'aigua
this is cool...

Monik on * Finestres obertes
Excellente composition. J'aime beaucoup les confrontations des styles et des époques!

Monik on * Darrera l'aigua
Comme du cristal! Très beaux contrastes aussi!

Lalena on * Darrera l'aigua
Que refrescant que resulta veure aquesta composició amb l'aigua enlairant-se amunt, amunt cap els pinacles ...

Elaine Hancock on * Finestres obertes
Spectacular color and reflections!

Curly on * Finestres obertes
Difficult to spot those open windows when presented with such a superbly coloured reflection.

Steven on * Finestres obertes
Beautiful reflections and I love how the open windows break up the plane of the facade.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on * Finestres obertes
Els trencaclosques dels reflexes sempre són un joc molt ben vingut.

Ruthiebear on * Finestres obertes
Fantastic use of reflections! HUGS

Shaun on * Finestres obertes
The reflections in this image are superb. 5*

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